The ideaLab was established during the summer of 2010. The CEO of Journal Register Company, John Paton, summarized it this way on his blog:
"For the next 12 months these colleagues will be charged with experimenting with the latest technology and tools to help our Company think differently about what we do and how we do it. To do that, we are equipping them with the latest tools – iPhones, iPads and Netbooks (or they can substitute that list with Droids or other non-Apple products).
We are also providing them with 10 hours of paid free time per week to experiment and because we know they will do many more hours than that we are also providing a $500 per month stipend.
There are no rules but one and that is to report back at least monthly to myself and Jon Cooper, our VP Content,  on ideas and developments they believe would benefit our Company, employees and the communities we serve.  We are encouraging them to crowdsource both their inquiries and ideas with our employees and communities on a real-time basis."
You can also click to read the full blog post, Meet the ideaLab.

We are not operating in a vacuum and we certainly intend to let the world watch this fantastic experiment. You can keep up with ideaLabbers in two places — our Facebook page as well as our Ben Franklin website, which pulls together the latest from our blogs.