Friday, February 24, 2012

Washington Post names Oakland Press reporter to "best Tweeters" list for GOP primary

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Proud moment for our newsroom this morning — our very own veteran political reporter Charlie Crumm was named to a list of top Tweeps to follow for the Michigan primary.
Michigan's primary, as well as Arizona's, will be taking place on Tuesday, Feb. 28.
The Washington Post asked its followers to tweet them their favorite political people on Twitter in Michigan and Arizona with the hashtag #FixList.
@Crummc is, no surprise to us, number three on the list.
Crumm has been providing excellent coverage of the primary for us and having a lot of fun using audio and social media to help him do it.
Earlier this week, he recorded a conversation with one of Romney's campaign members. The resulting story about Romney pitching individual and corporate tax cuts included an audio clip from the interview.
One of the consequences of his recent work with audio is that, well, he's becoming quite popular with the politicians.
"I've got three invitations to conference calls just for today," Crumm said to me Wednesday.
And the number of invitations keep growing, too.
He sometimes puts the audio over photos of the politicians for a quick video, giving something readers to look at while they're listening (check out Romney camp won't predict victory in Tuesday's Michigan primary).
The audio clips have been a hit with WADL too, a new partnership Journal Register Newspapers in Southeast Michigan have with a local television station. The station picks up video reports and news stories for its News @9 broadcast, and Crumm's audio almost always gets play on TV.
He's also had some lighthearted fun with our Facebook fans.
Crumm keeps an eye on CafePress to track which politician's t-shirts are selling the most. On Tuesday, he asked our Facebook fans "If you were going to buy a T-shirt for one of the candidates, who would it be: Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul or Newt Gingrich?"
More than 30 people jumped in to answer and Crumm, tickled with the community's response, wrote the story In the T-shirt economy, Ron Paul leads the GOP field.
And of course, there's also the plain 'ol staying on top of where the candidates are at. This morning, he had a story ready to go by 8 a.m. with the latest updates on where in Michigan to find the GOP contenders.
He's working on a lengthy piece about the primary to run Sunday. We'll use the story to help promote our lunch-hour live chat with Crumm scheduled for Monday — Crumm's agreed to field questions from the community to try to help them arrive at the polls Tuesday as best prepared as possible.
What cool jobs we have.

Keep up with Crumm on his blog, Elections, Politics & Policy.

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