Friday, April 20, 2012

Presenting Google Voice for journalism at APSE conference

Late last year, I gave a series of training workshops on using Google Voice for journalism.
The Oakland Press Sports Editor, Jeff Kuehn, is hosting this year's APSE conference here in our building and — seeing as how these projects have worked out very well with passionate sports fans — asked me to give the workshop at the conference on Monday, April 23.

Training resources
• How-to sheet on setting up a Google Voice account
• Presentation on Google Voice and audio editing
• How-to sheet on using Audacity for audio editing
• Case study on gathering Lions' fan reactions using Google Voice

Here's a compilation of completed projects that I'll use as examples.

Sports related projects

Case study from The Oakland Press on gathering fan reactions to Detroit Lions games
Lions fans: 'Take us to the Super Bowl'
Crowdsourcing method: Online, social media, print.
About 10 responses, 252 video views. 

Lions fans sound off on what went wrong against the San Francisco 49ers
Crowdsourcing method: Online, social media, print.
Eight responses, 497 video views.

Lions fans criticize Matthew Stafford, offensive line after loss to Falcons
Crowdsourcing method: SMS only.
Twenty responses, 166 video views.

Oakland Press Online Coordinator Paul Kampe's project on fan reaction to Suh's bad behavior
Soundoff: Suh's lack of transparency hurting fans
Crowdsourcing method: Not documented.
117 video views.

The Delaware County Daily Times' "Fire Andy Reid" project
Delco speaks: What should the Eagles do now?
Crowdsourcing method: Online only. 
Sixty responses in less than 10 minutes.

The Delaware County Daily Times' "Penn State Scandal" project
We asked: Should Joe Paterno step down right now?
Crowdsourcing method: Online only.
Twenty responses in less than an hour.

Non-sports related projects

The first project: Crowdsourcing "Where were you" memories from 9/11
Remembering 9/11: Voices of Oakland County 


Tom Caprood (Troy Record) gathers public reaction to a proposed McDonald's location
REACTION: Readers share their feelings on the proposed Troy McDonald's


Vince Sullivan (Delaware County Daily Times) gathers reaction to Catholic school closings
Hear what people are saying about Catholic school closings

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